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MAT Tuition, Fees, and Payment


Students are responsible for purchase of textbooks and supplies.

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Tuition and Fees Breakdown


Summer Term

$3000 Tuition: Total semester hours: 6 x $500

$108 Student Activity Fee (per course): 3 x $36

$84 Technology Fee (per course): 3 x $28

$15 ID Card Fee

$3207 TOTAL

$500 Non-refundable enrollment deposit, due at registration


Fall Term

$6000 Tuition: Total semester hours: 12 x $500

$21 Various Course Fees

$25 Parking Fee

$90 Student Activity Fee (per course) 5 x $18

$112 Technology Fee (per course) 4 x $28

$6248 TOTAL

Spring Term

$6000 Tuition: Total semester hours: 12 x $500

$160 Graduation Fee

$36 Student Activity Fee (per course) 2 x $18

$6196 TOTAL

$15,651 Tuition/Fees Total MAT Degree



Financial Aid Process

Download Application

Financial aid information is included with application and course registration information or it may be requested from the Financial Aid office. Enrollment in the MAT program in 2024 will be considered to be in the 2024-2025 aid year. Instructions for completing the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web are found on the Covenant College Financial Aid Application. The FAFSA is moving to an earlier time line. The 24/25 FAFSA may be completed as early as October 2023 using tax data for 2022. The Covenant College Financial Aid application and the Employee Reimbursement Form should be completed and returned with registration documents to the Master of Arts in Teaching office. These forms must arrive at Covenant College by May 1 for priority consideration for financial aid. The FAFSA must be completed on the Web at least one week prior to the priority deadline.

Financial aid applicants meeting the May 1 deadline will be notified by May 15 of their award.

If after financial aid is disbursed, a balance remains on the applicant’s account, the balance can be financed by Covenant College; however, please be aware that finance charges will be charged on the unpaid balance at the end of each month.

When all financial aid paperwork has been received and the award has been completed, the Financial Aid office will contact the student through email that the award is available to view/accept on the Banner web site. The Financial Aid office will electronically process the loan.

The loan will be disbursed electronically to Covenant College, and once the loan is processed and the enrollment period begins, it is disbursed onto the student’s account. The Financial Aid office will email the student that the disbursement was made. If this causes a credit balance on the account, the student may request a check for the balance on the account.

If the student has had a previous student loan on which payment is currently being made, the loan may be deferred while enrolled at Covenant College, at least half time (six credits). The lender should be able to check the National Database for enrollment information. If the lender requires enrollment certification to defer the loan, the student may request enrollment certification from the Office of Records.

NOTE:Please be aware that the college provides electronic statements only; students will be notified through their Covenant College email of any account balance. It is the responsibility of the student to review their account through Banner, the campus information system. Students are assigned a Banner ID number and Covenant College email address when accepted as a student to Covenant College. More detailed information regarding managing accounts and services through Banner is provided in the registration packet.


To stay informed, it is critical that MAT students log onto Banner upon receipt of ID and PIN. E-bills and other communications are sent to each student’s Covenant email account.

Payments may be made online.

Financial Aid Contact

Questions regarding Financial Aid should be directed to:

Brenda Rapier, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

706.419.1154 | Fax: 706.820.2820