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MAT Program Structure

Pre-Campus Session for the Summer Term

The MAT is a unique program with a unique schedule—no two semesters are alike. Upon registration for the summer session, i.e. the first semester, students receive course syllabi and pre-campus assignments. These assignments are designed to build background knowledge necessary for appropriate engagement during the on-campus segment of each course.



Summer Term Courses


EDU 510 - Foundations for Curriculum Development

A study of various foundational principles that guide selection of goals, content, and materials for classroom practice and curriculum development. Students evaluate these principles from a Christian perspective.

Class sessions are 8:00-5:00, Monday through Wednesday, June 17-19, 2024.
Prerequisites: None

EDU 540 - Nature and Needs of Adolescent Learners

This course introduces candidates to the developmental characteristics of adolescents with emphasis on implications for planning and implementing classroom instruction.

Class sessions are 8:00-5:00, Thursday through Saturday, June 20-22, 2024.
Prerequisites: EDU 510

EDU 520 - Introduction to Research

An introduction to research methods and designs and their application to educational settings.

Class sessions are 8:00-5:00, Monday through Wednesday, June 24-26, 2024.
Prerequisites: EDU 510

Fall Term Courses

EDU 530 – Content Area Literacy for Adolescents

Equips candidates with tools to promote content area literacy and disciplinary literacy, both key skills for student achievement.

Prerequisites: EDU 510

EDU 550 – History and Philosophy of American Education

Designed to provide an overview of the leading ideas and institutional developments that have shaped the character of American education.
Prerequisites: EDU 510

EDU 560 – Content and Methods

Designed to help candidates develop and practice the abilities and skills necessary to be effective classroom teachers.
Prerequisites: EDU 510

EDU 570 – Assessment and Research

A study of the principles and practices of measurement, testing, assessment, and evaluation for making decisions in education.
Prerequisites: EDU 520

EDU 580 - Clinical Practice I

Requires integration and application of instructional, management, and professional knowledge and competencies in school settings.
Prerequisites: EDU 540 and approval for Clinical Practice 

Spring Term Courses

EDU 585 – Diversity Field Experience

A 40-hour field placement in diverse local school settings with opportunities to observe and participate in a variety of classroom activities.
Prerequisites: EDU 580

EDU 590 – Research Seminar

Meets in conjunction with full-time clinical practice and includes assigned readings, participation, and presentation and discussion of action research projects.
Prerequisites: EDU 570

EDU 595 – Clinical Practice II

The culminating course in the MAT, requiring integration and application of instructional, management, and professional knowledge and competencies in school settings. Candidates teach under the direction of a mentor teacher and college supervisor.
Prerequisites: EDU 580